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Eng Hup Seng Sesame Oil & Sauce Factory is the biggest producer
of Sesame oil and was incorporated on 1988 in Malaysia, we are
not only producing for our own brand, but also do contract
manufacturing for provate labels.

Eng Hup Seng specialises in the Sesame Oil and Sauce products.
The R&D team in Eng Hup Seng is constantly concocting new
recipies to suit the demand of this ever changing market. While
catering to the tastebuds of our consumers, we make sure that our
products are of high nutritional value at the same time. We take
great care to select the best ingredients for our products.


Our product are all packaged in hygienic glass bottle to maintain the best quality throughout the product shelf life. We
also provide contract manufacturing for our clients if requested. We are always wiling to listen to our clients needs to
meet their demand whenever possible.

Our company’s business philosophy is to produce best quality products, all our products undergo stringent quality
control certified by independantlaboratories and other authorities.

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